Our Mission

Positioned as a leader in innovative digital dental technologies, Advanced Dental Technologies is on the cutting edge of the digital dental world. Clients trust and rely on Advanced Dental Technologies everyday to deliver high quality dental products. You can count on Advanced Dental Technologies team of technicians for consistently outstanding crowns, bridges, implants, cosmetics, and other state- of the art precision crafted dental laboratory products.

Our mission is to provide products and services to our customers to achieve the highest level of patient satisfaction.  We are dedicated to providing quality products, excellent customer service, competitive pricing and the latest technology.

You can remain confident in everything Advanced Dental Technologies produces, as they are 100% committed to delivering high quality products that are made in the USA. Advanced Dental Technologies is dedicated to providing the best for patients, the best for dentists, and the best for their employees.

Advanced Dental Technologies strives to surpass expectations in quality, innovation, and value, while providing the best of technology and a personal touch. Advanced Dental Technologies is committed to valuing integrity, humility, personal excellence, continual self-improvement, accountability and mutual respect.

Advanced Dental Technologies is your doctor’s lab of choice for your procedure. When your dentist takes an impression, he/she will send the impression to a dental laboratory for your restoration to be fabricated. Like dentists, some dental laboratories will have specific restorative specialties. For example, some dental laboratories manufacture dentures and partial dentures only, while others will only manufacture crowns and bridges.


What started with three men and a common goal has morphed into one of the most respected dental laboratories in the Pacific Northwest. In 1986, Dennis Dahlin, Juan Fernandez and Geary Fritz came together to create a company that would provide the very best products and services for our clients. More specifically, we wanted to become a high end dental laboratory specializing in restorations and services for dentists in the Northwest. We were originally called the Dental Lab Group (DLG).

Our vision was to be recognized as the premier dental laboratory company for the markets we serve and to be regarded as one of the great dental labs. Our mission staement was, “To provide products and services to assist customers in achieving the highest rate of satisfaction and practice success”

Our first lab was located on Broadway Street in Portland, OR, not far from the Lloyd Center. We resided there for many years until we built a new lab on Swan Island, which we have now called home for the past 12 years.

In 1992, we changed our name to Dahlin/Fernandez/Fritz Dental Laboratory and formed a corporation. Through our leadership the laboratory has grown from a very small beginning to a corporation of 110, including 80 technicians many of whom are Certified Dental Technicians.

The timing was right. Early in 2006, the 20th anniversary of ADT, Dennis started thinking about “passing the torch” One thing was for sure: he wanted to be certain that the laboratory would continue to provide high quality service to their clients and wanted to make sure all the employees were taken care of.

Six months later, on September 30, 2006, ADT Dental Laboratory and Novadent finalized an agreement that called for Novadent to purchase the stock from Dahlin/Fernandez/Fritz Dental Laboratory, so the company still exists as a corporation today.

In a press release: “Novadent, Inc., recently announced its continued expansion into the Northwest with the acquisition of Dahlin/Fernandez/Fritz Dental Laboratory in Portland, OR, and Totem Lake Dental Laboratory in Seattle, WA. In a statement from Novadent, the company said these acquisitions together with ADT Dental Laboratory and ADT Milling Center establish an initial network of high quality dental laboratories which leverage the latest technologies and are committed to providing the highest quality of products and services to dentists as well as other laboratories.”

Taking it to the next level.

Lande Dental Lab joined Advanced Dental Technologies of Portland, Oregon, November 1st 2014. The combination of Lande Dental Laboratory and Advanced Dental Technologies brings additional experienced technicians and staff to strengthen our service capability and customer support. Lande Dental Lab has been a stable laboratory for cosmetic and implant restorations for years. This merger has been positive for all our clients as we move forward with a focus on cosmetics, complex casework, and changing technology advancements.

Social Responsibility

As an extremely successful and respected dental laboratory here in Oregon, we are in a privileged position to be able to give back through local charities and organizations. Through our hard work, we are fortunate to be able to contribute thousands of dollars every year. Below are just a few of the groups we are humble to help:

Quality Policy

We are a nationally recognized leader in providing high quality, competitively priced products and services. We strive to meet our customer’s needs through continuous process and product improvement while focusing on providing exceptional customer service.